Middlesex County Informatics Competition 2022

A Middle School Computer Science and Programming Competition

Hosted by the Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics and Engineering Technologies

February 26, 2022

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About the Competition

The Middlesex County Academy Informatics Competition is a competition for middle schoolers that revolves around the theory and practicality of algorithms and programming. In this competition, we will cover various topics such as Recursion, Computer Number Systems/Operations and Psuedocode.

The competition will have two sections (morning and afternoon). Each section will consist of a "short" section and a "programming" section. In the morning session, participants will be competing against everyone in the pool, but in the afternoon, participants will be placed into seperate divisions to compete against a more local set.

(There will also be mini-workshops in between each session!)


Registration is done by an advisor using the Google Form below.

Payment should be submitted via a check or purchase order. See form for more details.

Competition Logistics

Name: MCAIC 2022

Date: February 26, 2022

Time: 10:30AM-4:00PM EST

Registration Fee (per Individual): $5.00

Location: Virtual

Topics Covered

Short Problem Section

Computer Number Systems/Base Conversion

Computer Operations

Recursive Functions

Reading/Writing Psuedocode

Programming Section

Variables/Data Types

Language Syntax


Data Structures (Arrays, Lists)

Contact Us!

Email: help@mcaic2022.com

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